G'day and Story Horse. My name is Jonathan, and my full name is I'm Irish, being born and raised in Ireland. But I moved over to Australia around 12 years ago. So now I got dual citizenship which is pretty handy, and been lucky enough to have travelled around the world a bit.


Current Projects

Currently I am working as an Entrepreneur in the area of being an Indie Developer. My main skills sets are Virtual Reality(VR), Augmented Reality(AR), and Human Computer Interaction. But if you were to boil it all down. I would say its problem solving.

Project Areas

I use software, and even video games to help people. Everything from:
Serious Games - Health, Education, Simulation and Training etc.


My education lays in a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Computing with Majors in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Human Computer Interaction.

Master Supervisors

Grandfather of Virtual Reality.
Co-Creator of Augmented Reality.
Research in Telehealth and Interactive Digital Technologies that can be applied to Health.
Engineer at Callaghan Innovation.
Senior Clinical Psychologist.


So I have probably been in the VR and AR space for around the last decade.

Currently I have founded a few of my own Startups in the Tech space.

Temper Tantrum
AR Story Time


I also try and give back to the world and help those who might not have had the same oppourtunities as myself. So I create online courses, help out in forums, and social media channels.


This interview answers some questions that people had about my background and skill set.


My LinkenIn Profile provides a more detailed account of my background - education, training, work history, awards etc.