List of Current Businesses

These are the businesses I am currently involved in.

Temper Tantrum

I created my first Business which was called O'Duffy which later got renamed to Temper Tantrum. It was created to allow me to pursue my ideas, beliefs, goals, and even dreams.


Temper Tantrum has been involved in research projects with Universities in the areas of Health, and Education.

Temper Tantrum also releases its own projects onto the IOS and Andriod Stores.

AR Story Time

I created AR Story Time to bring learning and stories into the digital age by adding a new layer to traditional methods by using Augmented Reality & Gamification.

Whats Important

True treasure is not in the ground or numbers in a bank account. Its all around us, and in the grass roots of the next generation.

Jonathan O'Duffy

I created my online courses to help bring people closer to achieving their projects, goals, and dreams.

Education for everyone

I believe that everyone should have access to education that helps them pursue their goals and dreams in life. For the whole world benefits from it when they do.