Project Insights

Social Media Channels

I have broken up my work on projects across various different social media platforms to represent different stages in the work I do. So you might only be interested in News (Twitter), or you might only want to see idea generation (Deviant Art).

I am planning on using my Deviant Art account to share ideas and concepts. It will also be were I will share improvements in my artwork or studies that I do.

It will hopefully show I go from an idea and grow it. I generally plan most things out on paper, or do a quick demo code in Playmaker. Sometimes I prototype out a scene in 3D with Blender.


I am planning on using my Instragram account to show how my projects are progressing. It can include things from artwork, to demo code for projects.

It will hopefully provide a behind the scenes view of what I do. To help show you how I go about doing what I do.

I am planning on using my Twitter account to share news on what I am doing and currently progress of projects.

Its more of a place to say hey, I have done this or I am doing this. So if your interested in knowing when a project is done, or what new projects I undertake. This is the place for you.

My YouTube Channel started off as extra video tutorial lessons for my University students I was Tutoring. From there is expanded to help other people, from the video comments, or online forums.

I also upload videos on the projects I am working on. So that everyone can see the type of work that I am doing.

I created a Facebook Page so I can help people with being an Entrepreuner